NBA 2K22: The Best Teams

NBA 2K22: The Best Teams

NBA 2K22: The Best Teams

NBA 2K22 is a popular competitive basketball game. My team is one of the modes. Players can form an excellent team in this mode. NBA 2K22 MT is the currency in this mode. It can be used to buy influential players and join your team, and you can also trade new players with other players. Therefore, NBA 2K22 MT has a vital role in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 has gained a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community. Many call it the best version of the game in years.

2K Sports has impressed with various additions to the game, improved graphics and a host of new features. They released updates and patches to ensure constant improvement. They also fixed all the bugs in the game for the first week as millions of players explored the latest version of the game.

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NBA 2K22 is here so we can enjoy the sport of giants, so it’s convenient to talk to you about the best teams.

Are you looking for the best teams for NBA 2K22? Let’s find out! Below are some of the best gears you can use for each position. So, depending on your playing position, you can fit into some of the best teams in the game.

Teams to play in NBA 2K22

We have mentioned the best teams you can play for in all the available positions. These are:

  • Center
  • Point Guard
  • Power Forward
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward

What’s the point of having the best teams in NBA 2K22?

It is necessary to have a specific selection of teams that we are allowed to play with, which enables us to take some options that can be decent. In this sense, we can make different choices regarding the style of play that will allow us to form the team in which we will play based on other preferences.

 What are the best teams to play in NBA 2K22?

This action can take a significant amount of time to level up. It is an action that occurs in NBA 2K22, especially when we lose. It is necessary to have a certain number of badges, these can be earned, but the idea is to do it in the shortest possible time.

To know which are the best teams, the ideal is to select the team to start MyCareer. In this sense, it is usually necessary to pay due attention to the players, where it is essential to leave some interesting names, such as:

Pelicans from New Orleans

Devotional Graham, Alexander Walker and Tomas Satoransky.

Others that are usually present are Con Zion and Valanciunas, which are usually part of the options that we have in NBA 2K22 and allow us to include them in the statistics.

New Orleans has just lost their PG Lonzo to the Bulls. It leaves an open spot for you to enter. Mix this with Zion in color, and you have one of the most potent offensive teams in the league. You may face some competition in the form of Devonte Graham, but he can still make a list. They are also surrounded by other good players like Ingram and Valanciunas.

 The Chicago Bulls.

Lonzo Ball and Eric Bledsoe came from last season and remained without starting protection.

 Los Angeles Lakers.

In this game, other additions that we have are LeBron James and Russel Westbrook.

The Lakers are on the road to success. They appear poised to win LeGoat’s fifth championship from him. It’s also a team that now has all the old guys cheering. Bron allies with Carmelo, Brodie, The Brow. He might see that we’ve just mentioned four names here and there’s a space left. It is precisely where you come into play as an escort. There’s no need to worry about defence either, with AD and Howard providing plenty of reinforcements. The LA Lakers have no real competition for that role, and you could slip in. Why not help one of the GOATs get their next ring for one of the best teams in NBA 2K22? Winning a championship has never been easier.

 Atlanta Falcons.

We have solid scoring, usually with Bogdanovic, Huerter or Hunter, and also, we’re allowed to have Trae Young, with some heavyweight players yet to be defined. We can fill that spot in NBA 2K22. In that sense, we can play very well with Atlanta to make it a very competitive team.

Phoenix suns.

Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges and DeAndre Ayton are usually three players involved and ensure they can be included in this top team list. Phoenix has great players that can become very competitive.

If last year’s championship run was anything, it’s the fact that the Suns have a pretty good roster to start. Add to that the creativity and versatility of Booker and CP3 from beyond the arc. Moreover, the only missing piece in the Phoenix puzzle is a good power forward. The current situation makes it easy to fit into this team. Worth watching.

Warriors of the Golden State.

We can include Klay Thompson or Stephen Curry in the same wave, which allows them to be usually large enough and have an impressive number, so they must be part of this trio of the best NBA 2K22 teams.

Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, these two players, can be included in this list of the best teams to be part of the starting XI and train to get the best numbers.

The Golden State Warriors are simply missing a key at the moment to unlock the team’s defence. And that is the lack of a good centre. Do you remember the Giannis rumors from a while back? Surrounded by the Splash Bros’ shooting ability from anywhere on the floor and Draymond’s defensive rush, the Dubs need a good big man. All you have to do is rush into the paint and snap those shots. If your build focuses on these attributes, GSW is the team to pick in 2K22.

Here are the teams you can build a team with, and they are:

Base: New Orleans Pelicans.

Shooting Guard: Los Angeles Lakers.

Forward: Atlanta Falcons.

Move forward: Phoenix Suns.

Middle: Golden State Warriors.


Now that you know the best teams, we have the opportunity to choose between several exciting options in NBA 2K22.

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