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What is Market Trends

How to Spot Market Trends The three types of trends that we regularly observe in our study of technical analysis are short-, intermediate-, and long-term trends. One adage that has emerged from studying both primary and secular trends is “A trend is your friend.” Some individuals use averages to look for trends. Given that market […]

The Future of Customer Experience

The Future of Customer Experience Going by current trends, companies that focus on the customer experience generate 4-8% more revenue than their competitors today. This has led customer experience to evolve into a competitive advantage, a critical differentiator, a loyalty booster, and a motivator for repeat business. So, what will the future of customer experience […]

Why pursue a CSPO certification?

CSPO certification The CSPO certification holds vast importance as it certifies internationally and makes a positive impact on many offering various rewarding opportunities. Furthermore, it can be considered as the advancement of certain courses that can help in the knowledge strengthening and be an expert in many significant roles. CSPO Certification  The expansion of the […]

Cricket Betting in India 2022

Cricket Betting in India 2022 Betting in 2022 Sports betting is a very popular pastime all around the world. Many people from all around the world enjoy betting on various sports as a form of entertainment. Let’s start with a basic understanding of betting. A bet is a sum of money that a player wishes […]

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