How White Label PPC Can Positively Impact Your Agency

How White Label PPC Can Positively Impact Your Agency

When you hire a White Label Agency you can focus on the big things like growing or expanding your digital marketing agency in other areas.

It takes really hard work and dedication to run a successful agency of any kind of size.

Offering a vast variety of services is important, it broadens your agency’s potential for earnings because it opens you up to more revenue streams and different clientele depending on their wants and needs.

One digital marketing service that every digital marketing agency should be offering PPC.

PPC is an effective way to get your clients noticed by the right people. It garners plenty of traffic and is results oriented.

Clients know the value behind PPC services and if your agency is not offering PPC services you may as well send them over to your competition in a handbasket.

If your digital marketing agency does not have PPC as an offering you need to ask yourself why?

It could be due to lack of specialization, resources and time.

Regardless of the reason, there is a solution to your predicament and it comes in the form of a White Label PPC Management!

Let us now get into the nitty gritty of White Label PPC and how it can directly benefit your digital marketing agency and your clients.

  1. White Label PPC…A Quick Breakdown. 

As you may already know White Labelling has been around for a minute and White Label PPC works the same way.

When a digital marketing agency hires a White Label PPC Agency your clients PPC project/campaign is fully completed by the White Label PPC Agency to the clients specifications.

Your agency purchases the PPC services and then resells the finished work back to your client at a higher cost to make the most profit (charge accordingly).

All the PPC work that your clients receive will be with your agency name, branding, logo, etc.

The client does not know (or need to know) that the PPC service was outsourced to a third party, your agency will take the full credit for all the work completed by the White Label PPC Agency.

  1. What Kind Of PPC Services Does A White Label PPC Agency Offer? 

There are many White Label PPC Services available for any of your clients PPC wants and needs. A White Label PPC Agency can take on any PPC campaign, even turn a PPC campaign that is stagnant and not making any profit.

Below are some of the PPC Services that your clients will likely have interest in.

  • All Forms of PPC Ads including Google/FB & Remarketing
  • Monitoring PPC Ads
  • Optimizing PPC Ads
  • Proper Target Audience
  • Identifying Keyword Search Opportunities
  • Genuine Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Reports

Here are some PPC services in more detail:

Account Setup

A White Label PPC Agency can devise and execute a systematic account for your client. Anything from extensions and conversion tracking, to remarketing, and call tracking.

Ad Creation

The White Label PPC Agency has a team of expert writers who can create potent ad copy that get people interested and wanting to click. This will keep your clients’ customers coming in and filling the sales funnel.

Custom Reporting Dashboard

A White label PPC Agency will provide you and your clients (client facing dashboard) custom reporting dashboard. You are able to check on the progress of your clients account and see how your client’s campaign is progressing. This way changes to the campaign can be made when necessary.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

We research deep into your clients & their industry on the hunt for deep funnel transactional keywords. We analyze their competitors to ensure your clients are covering all bases.

Research will be conducted by the White Label PPC Agency. They will analyse what works best to reach the best audience possible.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Consistent A/B testing is integral. Keyword research and updates are imperative to keep PPC campaigns thriving and improve areas such as your client’s KPIs.

  1. What Are Some Of The Benefits Of White Label PPC? 

White Label PPC comes with many benefits. These benefits can directly impact your digital marketing agency in a powerful way.

Here are some of the benefits that your digital marketing can get from hiring a White Label PPC Agency.

Increased Revenue Streams

Hiring a White Label PPC Agency opens your digital marketing agency to new revenue streams. When you add more services such as PPC you increase your revenue streams because you remained able to offer more services to existing clients and attract potential new ones.

Save On Overhead Cost & Save Money

Running hiring, on baiding, training, payroll, and benefits suck your resources dry. Neverrmind the cost of rental space and the associated bills that come along with that. White Label PPC is your one stop shop for all things PPC.When you hire a White Label PPC Agency you have the best of the best completing your clients work. The team behind a White Label PPC agency are PPC experts…period!  You can literally cut back on overhead costs in a huge way and reinvest those savings into other areas of your business to help with growth and expansion.

Professionalism and Top Quality

Professionalism is something that catches peoples attention. On top of that is attention to detail and quality and hiring a White Label PPC Agency can help your digital marketing agency shine in its best light. Being able to provide your clients with top-quality PPC services in a timely manner remains a serious plus in clients eyes and being able to showcase that in your portfolio is an added bonus to attract new clients. Consistency is key so when you can show off case studies with solid results it adds to both your agency’s professionalism and improves the quality behind your agency’s brand.

Result Driven Success 

When you work with a White Label PPC Agency you can pretty well be guaranteed that you will remained providing your clients with positive results from their PPC campaign. You have a team of PPC experts acting like another extension of your inhouse team. The people behind these campaigns know how to run and achieve the possible ROI for your clients. That ROI extends to you as well. The expert White Label PPC team will handle and deliver exceptionally executed work while you and your team can use your time to its best advantage and work towards garnering more clients and sales…it’s a win-win. When you can fulfill your clients expectations and provide them with new levels of success you are also setting up your digital marketing agency for success and maximum longevity in the future to come.

In Conclusion 

White Label PPC is an excellent catalyst for change and growth within your business. PPC is a wanted service by so many businesses globally and of all sizes looking to make their own mark and get in front of the right target audience as quickly as possible with the most positive outcomes. When looking into White Label PPC you must do your research and find the right White Label PPC Agency that fits your agency’s needs. Look at case studies, client reviews and ask all the questions you need to and if the answers and results feel right go for it. When you do find the right White Label PPC Agency, the one that really fits the bill the end result will be abundant for all parties involved!

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