What Are The Risks Of Using A Password Manager Software

What Are The Risks Of Using A Password Manager Software

Using A Password Manager Software

Password managers are like wallets!

But, for your passwords!

There have been loads of times when we either forget the passwords or have no clue what applications we have logged in which our sensitive data.

To manage the limitations of the human brain, we got password managers!

However, after the recent surge of news items which calls password manager software to be a vulnerable source to save your passwords, there are many who are asking-

Are password managers really that safe?

This is a tricky question to answer.

On the one hand, it makes it difficult even for the password provider to hack into any account and keeps reminding them when the passwords need to be changed-

On the other hand, you have all your passwords in the same place, which could be equally risky.


What are you supposed to do now?

What if you let a hacker in for a while using thenewpiratebay.org without a VPN. Yes, we know it is amazing to get free stuff, but you also have to protect your system.

Well, the bad news is –

Yes, there are some risks involved.

But, the good news is; risks don’t mean the end of using password managers. So, how about you learn a little more about the risks.

What Are Password Manager Software & How They Work

Let’s say you have a lot of credentials for a lot of applications.

We are not just talking about the social media platform!

What you need is an application where you can safely store all these important credentials while being safe.

This is what password manager software will do for you!

They store all your credentials.

They can also help you generate unique passwords for the purpose of being safe over the internet.

They can also suggest times when a password is too old, and you might need to change it.

There is two-step authentication for every password.

There is a master password, without which you cannot enter the application.

Risks Involved While Using Passwords Manager Software

Now, coming to the most crucial part of the article.

Here are some of the risks which are definitely involved with the use of password-protected software.

1. Forgetting The Master Password

There is generally a big master password for this software!

Something which is filled with letters, numbers, and characters.

Thus, if you are planning to write it down, it can be even more dangerous. Thus, you have to remember.

Doing ‘forget password’ more often than not might not be a good idea.

Yes, remembering the master password can be a big nuisance.

2. No Multiple Authentication

In this software, you generally have a two-step authentication.

However, not many will provide you with multiple authentications of such kind. The reason why this is a drawback is that it is missing one of the biggest authentication methods.


If you are using one of the free password manager software, we doubt that you will get multiple authentications with biometrics.


With software with so many passwords, just two steps might not be enough!

3. No Backup

Yes, there is also a lack of a backup system when it comes to password manager software.

This means, god forbid!

If you ever lose all your data from your phone and it goes to a master reset, you wouldn’t be able to retrieve all the saved passwords.

This is a huge nuisance on its own!

4. Virus In Certain Devices

If your computer or PC has a virus and you do not know about it, having password manager software could be quite risky.

This means your system is already vulnerable, and if it gets exposed to a cybercriminal, they can easily get all your passwords from this device.

5. All Your Sensitive Data In One Place 

This is again dangerous!

You have all your sensitive data under one roof!

This just means that one breach of privacy, one infiltration, and all your passwords are in the wrong hands.

You must know that once someone gets a hold of this software through your system, an expert wouldn’t take much time to decipher it all.

Protect & Remember!

Yes, this software is for your password protection.

However, do not leave everything on technology.

Diversify your reach and have a few password manager software. Do not put everything under one roof.

Try to give a very intimidating password, and remember it!

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