Top 5 Residential Proxy Providers for 2022

Top 5 Residential Proxy Providers for 2022

Residential Proxy Providers – A lot of people today use a proxy for a faster, safer, and more secure internet search. Proxy servers serve to communicate with the websites on behalf of the user, which means that your personal computer is not directly connected to the website, but the proxy is.

In short, proxies will tunnel your internet search, allow you to access safe websites, automatically disregard anything unwanted like viruses or bad internet searches, and provide a stable and secure connection to the internet.

If you are interested in this topic, we highly recommend reading our guide to learn everything you need to know about residential proxies, a special type of proxy server that will make your life much easier.

What makes residential proxies stand out?

People use several types of proxy, but residential proxies seem to be the most popular. While they function as any other proxy (providing a safer, faster, and more secure connection to the internet), residential proxies also help you avoid geo-restrictions.

Residential proxies give the users the ability to choose their internet specifications. For instance, you can select any city or country in the world, and your electronic device would be recognized as if you were from that area.

It’s quite handy, especially if you can’t access a website from your current location or any other internet content for that matter. Using a residential proxy can also help you with web scraping, and most people prefer to use them for this particular reason.

Benefits of residential proxies

Residential proxies have numerous benefits, but some of the ones people talk about the most are:

  • Faster internet search – Proxies tunnel the connection between your electronic device and the internet. That allows for faster internet search since the signal is being sent and received faster. Proxies help in this way as well.
  • Safer internet search – Proxies will help you mask/cover your IP address since they have their own IP addresses. That way, the website will receive the IP address of the proxy and not your personal IP address, allowing for a safer internet search.
  • Avoiding geo-restrictions – Residential proxies are best for avoiding geo-restrictions. Some internet content cannot be accessed from anywhere in the world, and some websites require that your IP address matches a certain country. Residential proxies help with that since you can choose which country the IP address will be located in.

The final benefit of using residential proxies is that they are stable, reliable, and, most importantly, private. Only one user can be using them at a time, and there will be no issues with bandwidth, connection, or data transfer. Always choose residential proxies – they are worth it.

Why it’s important to choose a reliable hosting provider

There are many different hosting providers you can choose from when it comes to proxies. Naturally, some are better than others by far. You would want to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable hosting provider for several reasons:

  • Better proxy strength – Not all proxies are the same in terms of how strong and stable they are. Some, for instance, won’t bring you much change when it comes to internet browsing. Choosing a reliable hosting provider will ensure that your proxy is reliable and stable.
  • Your privacy won’t be compromised – Most people use proxies to protect their privacy. Good hosting options won’t give you any trouble with your privacy being compromised. In other words, your IP address will be safely covered.
  • The search history is saved on the server and not your computer – All the details you access via a good hosting provider won’t be saved on your computer but the server instead. That’s just another layer of protection good hosting options will give you.

With a good hosting provider, you will get all the benefits of having an incredible proxy, only much better than you would if you chose a standard proxy option. Think about this one before you make your choice.

Top 5 residential proxy providers

We have decided to let you know more about our list of top five residential proxy providers:

  1. Oxylabs – A well-known provider with millions of IP addresses worldwide;
  2. Smartproxy – They operate on 195 locations with 40 million addresses;
  3. GeoSurf – This provider has 2000+ locations;
  4. Bright Data – A provider with 14 North Korean IP addresses, among millions of others;
  5. IPRoyal – Offers a very rich product portfolio.

We hope you’ll make a good choice!


Choosing a perfect residential proxy might be a challenge. First of all, the proxy itself must be good and able to do all the hard work for you. Secondly, the hosting provider needs to be reliable and trustworthy. However, if you follow our guide, you’ll find a fantastic residential proxy if you choose one of the listed options.

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