PayPal: definition, specifications, method of use, steps, tips and more

PayPal: definition, specifications, method of use, steps, tips and more

What is Paypal?

PayPal is the most used payment platform for online purchases.
Many users have found the PayPal logo next to their credit cards when paying online.
But, in fact, not everyone knows exactly what it is or how this service can make their life easier.
Long ago it was believed that online payments were too insecure.
Although this idea remains in the minds of some users to this day, we were able to allay these fears.
Create an easy and secure way to pay and receive payments online without sharing bank details.
This banking or financial information is safe thanks to an automatic encryption system and advanced anti-fraud systems, which the company is in charge of continuously updating.

Create your PayPal account

PayPal is a virtual wallet that allows you to make your payments over the Internet without having to enter your bank details on any platform.
PayPal will keep this information safe.
We will let you know how to create an account with total security.

Creating a PayPal account is easy

You must go to their website and select “Create account” in the private column.

Then, you need to register with him by completing the form shown in the image above.

Accept the terms of use and click “Accept and make an account” to continue.

You must enter the code shown in the image and click “Next”.

Choose the method of payment

You will then see the option to pay with your bank account or with your card.

Choose the one that suits you best.

Enter your details

After choosing our payment method, we must enter the information requested by PayPal.
In this case, we have chosen to pay over our bank account.
Therefore, we enter our bank details as we are sure that PayPal stores them securely.
It is the only time we have to enter our data there and we can buy online without revealing this information simply by accessing our PayPal account.
After entering the data, a window appears to confirm the use of PayPal in your bank account.

Verify your account

To verify your account you have to wait a few days and once you have the PayPal transfers in your account, enter the amount
To do this, you must log into your account and select “Confirm bank details” in the right column.
After clicking the link, you have the option to log in and verify the amounts that PayPal has deposited into your account.

Start shopping

Once you have verified your account, there are many websites available to you (most of which offer the option to purchase through this system).
We need to know how it works.
And now that you see how to set up and use PPal, you can use your new account to shop at at all store.


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