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HR Software Write For Us

HR Software Write For Us

With the “Write for us” guest blogging initiative, we would like to invite all new authors and regular bloggers to write for us. We love to create contacts with everybody whose passion is HR software. So, if you believe you have what it takes to write for us, we would like to hear from you!

Have something interesting to share with us?

We always seek talented writers who can craft well-researched articles. We strive for top-notch and high-quality content that covers all relevant and essential information for our readers. Before we move forward, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines.

What we’re looking for

  1. Ensure that the post you submit is original, unique, and plagiarism-free.
  2. Please choose a topic different from the ones we already have covered. The same or similar content won’t remain accepted. Do not try to spin the articles; we must reject them.
  3. We only accept HR-related content. That includes staffing and recruiting, candidate, and interviews.
  4. The word count should be at least 1500 words.
  5. Content should be in UK English.
  6. Your article should contain around 160 – 200 characters that summarise your article.
  7. The author’s picture dimension should be 140*140.
  8. A maximum of 2 links will remain provided in the content.
  9. Include relevant and high-quality images for every point or topic within your content. Simply copying ideas from other websites or blogs is strictly prohibited. You can use free licensed images without any fear of copyright issues.

How to get started

We recommend looking at our blog to check which topics are already covered and to understand our writing style. You can send your final draft to Include the author’s image (140*140). If you have an idea or wish to write for us, you can contact us using the form below.

Publication procedure

#1 Apply

Contact our editorial team with your topic idea and an outline of your blog. Also, try to highlight your expertise in the domain. We don’t publish duplicate content, so your content must be unique.

#2 Write

Once our editorial team approves your requested topic, you can write the content per the above guidelines.

#3 Review

You can submit your final draft copy of the content to our editorial team for review. Our editorial team holds all the rights to approve or reject the content.

#4 Refine

After the review process, our team may suggest some revisions to the content before it goes live.

#5 Go Live

After refining the content, our editorial team will publish your content on our website. Also, it will stay posted across all our social media channels.

#6 Repeat

If you wish to work with us for the long term, you can start suggesting more articles and blogs to our team.

What are the benefits of Write for Us?

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