Why You Should Enroll in the Project-Based Full-Stack Development Boot Camp  

 Why You Should Enroll in the Project-Based Full-Stack Development Boot Camp  

Full-Stack Development Boot Camp

 A Full-Stack Developer is a developer who works not only with the server-side (the server end) but also the client-side (the front end). This makes him a more valuable person than other developers as he does more than one task. He is a very integral part of a company and the efficiency of a project depends on him. KnowledgeHut offers you an in-depth immersive learning Full-Stack Developer Course to help you excel your skills in development. Whether you’re a beginner or have months of training in the development field the boot camp offered by KnowledgeHut would be very beneficial to you as it offers you various additional benefits which you’ll come to know about when you read further.

If you’re a back-end or a front-end developer and are looking forward to excelling in your skills and knowledge and getting a highly demanding and respected job as a Full-Stack Developer, then you’ve come to the right place. This article provides you with all the important information that you need about the Full-Stack Developer Training offered by the prestigious KnowledgeHut ensuring that you pass the exam on your first attempt and get a good job. Even after you get a job, the relationship with Knowledge Hut doesn’t end here because it provides you with the benefit of post-training sessions to help you face new challenges at work and also provides lifetime access to its courseware for further studies. It ensures that you’ll receive the certification to validate your Full-Stack Developer expertise in companies across the world.

The online course is specially designed to get you hired in leading organizations, by providing you with immersive knowledge about Full-Stack Development. There are best-in-class live training sessions, experiential learning with Cloud Labs, and much more. You can take this course even if you have zero programming experience because it provides you with all the information that you need to know. After completing this course, you’ll gain Full-Stack skills that’ll impress top tech recruiters of product-based companies to you.

During this course, you’ll become knowledgeable about how to build, secure, deploy, and scale programs and build expertise in UI, database stacks, and business logic. Simulated real-world projects would be used to help you train. You’ll be working on group projects as well and receive progressive feedback and guidance from experts. The course has two formats: Blending learning (full-time and part-time) and On-demand self-paced format.

Important Features that KnowledgeHut Provides for the Full-Stack Development Course

Live instructor-led sessions for more than 140 hours to provide an immersive learning experience and a study environment in which you can clear all your doubts.

  • Experiential workshops with hands-on learning with Cloud Labs are provided for more than 250 hours so that you can test your Full-Stack Development skills and knowledge about the weaknesses on which you need to work on.
  • On-demand self-paced learning is provided for more than 100 hours so that you can schedule classes and study as per your time zone, time preference, priorities, and ability to gain knowledge. Thus, you’ll attain a tried-and-trusted full-time experience on a flexible and convenient schedule.
  • A project-based immersive learning approach is carried out through the training as you are getting prepared to be a Project-Based Full-Stack Developer. So working on projects would a real-world simulation and hands-on learning with Clouds Labs would prove highly beneficial to you when you start working professionally.
  • The curriculum followed by KnowledgeHut is industry-validated, which means it follows the latest full-stack concepts, methods, principles, and training procedures to make you understand full-stack and help you sharpen your skills. The curriculum was designed by KnowledgeHut’s Software Engineering Advisory Board. The syllabus also aligns with the exam that you’d have to appear for after the course, to get a certification, that would be required to attain a job as a Project-Based Full-Stack Developer.
  • At KnowledgeHut, your knowledge would not be limited to full-stack only as you’ll also learn how to build efficient professional projects with important techno-managerial skills.
  • Besides teaching, KnowledgeHut helps you create an attractive and impressive professional-grade project portfolio that would give you an edge when getting recruited at top companies. You’ll be able to showcase your skills to your employer with a job-ready portfolio.
  • You’ll receive continuous support from KnowledgeHut after course completion as access to webinars, tutorials, articles, and e-books are for a lifetime.
  • You’ll also receive individualized career guidance that you can personalize. By career coaching, mock interviews, and resume guidance you’ll be able to build confidence before getting recruited.

Why Should You Be a Full-Stack Developer?

Modern web applications require about 20 different job functions. A Full-Stack Developer can traverse them across the stack and that is why he is very valuable. You can easily earn an average salary of $111,293 per year by becoming a Full-Stack Developer. You shouldn’t limit your abilities to CSS (if you’re a front-end developer) or SQL query (if you’re a back-end developer) and become a Full-Stack Developer who is skilled in both. You would gain expertise over a large number of tools as well and that’ll make a highly valuable developer. It is expected that by the year 2026, more than 253,000 new software developer roles will come into the market. You should prepare yourself to gain full advantage of this rapidly growing demand and attain expert-level skills so that when the time comes, you’re the first one to get hired!

KnowledgeHut provides you an edge over getting recruited by creating a job-ready portfolio for you and providing you with expert knowledge about Full-Stack Development. It provides a wide range of additional benefits including hands-on learning with Cloud Labs, lifetime access to courseware, project-based immersive learning approach with live instructor led-sessions, on-demand self-paced learning, and much more. So hurry and enroll yourself in the Full-Stack Developer boot camp and become a professional Project-Based Full-Stack Developer who works with the server-side as well as the client-side.

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