Is BSc in economics a good choice?

Is BSc in economics a good choice?

In the current world where the market and economy are changing rapidly, economics becomes an important part of our daily life. Pursuing a degree in economics is a good choice to understand the working of the global economy and build a career accordingly.

Economics is an integral part of our choices and decisions in everyday life as we are all a part of the macro-economic trends in the world. Having BSc Economics boosts your chances of working with national and international organizations due to your knowledge of social and political theories and statistics.

Looking at the growth of world economies, the prospects for good career opportunities after completing BSc in Economics are plenty. Here are some career prospects which highlight pursuing BSc in Economics as a good choice.

Data Analysts

Data analysts are in high demand as the field of data is expanding every day. These specialist analyze large amounts of data to get the required information for the company. Preparing graphs and reports, conducting surveys and understanding user data to match the business requirements are the functions of a data analyst. They are required in different sectors in the global market to identify areas of improvement and increase the overall efficiency of the company.

External Auditor

As an auditor, one is supposed to examine the financial documents and other data to provide reports of the company’s performance. Auditors help investors in regulating their business according to market growth. They are the ones who provide accounting advisory services to clients across various firms.

Financial Risk Analyst

Financial risk analysts identify the areas of risk which might hamper the growth of the company. Analysis of areas that threatens the assets and earnings of the company and suggesting measures to help revive the depleting market falls under the responsibility of a financial risk analyst. They work closely with traders and economists to forecast trends in the market and develop plans to meet any potential emergencies.

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst is one who helps traders in identifying the market trends and making investments. Evaluation of investment potentials and economic trends is the primary responsibility of investment analysts. They area also required to interpret data and conduct in-depth research on market developments to guide the investment decisions of clients.

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is responsible for ensuring that the company works according to the rules and regulations that have been set forth. Management of internal policies and other regulatory requirements comes under the duty of the compliance officer. As a compliance officer, one should find the irregularities in the organization and perform general administrative duties to ensure effective compliance with necessary regulations.


Being an economist is a very common job prospect for graduates in economics.  The job responsibility of an economist is to conduct research and gather information related to social and economic policies such as taxes, interest rates, inflation etc. to help various organizations run operations smoothly. Providing economic advice to stakeholders and analyzing the performance of organizations to assist in their development is also the responsibility of an economist.

Studying BSc in Economics is a very good choice to develop a career in MNCs and governmental organizations alike as the world economy is reviving post covid.


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