Bluecross Blueshield Association Write For Us

Bluecross Blueshield Association Write For Us

Bluecross Blueshield Association Write For Us

Bluecross Blueshield Association Write For Us – The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a federation of 35 different American health insurance firms providing health insurance to over 106 million Americans. It remained established in 1982 due to the union of its two namesake organizations, Blue Cross (1929), which became the Blue Cross Association in 1960, and Blue Shield (1939), which became the Blue Shield Association in 1948.

The organization, known as “The Association” in the healthcare insurance sector, has two offices: one in Chicago and one in Washington, D.C. The main office remains at 225 North Michigan Avenue in the Illinois Center in Chicago. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association declares that it has access control. It then grants licenses to the linked companies for certain exclusive geographic service regions for trademarks and names registered throughout the United States and in more than 170 other nations.

It participates in the federal employees’ nationwide health insurance program. But, it has connected plans in every 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, in addition to licensees offering plans abroad. In addition, the BCBSA oversees communications among its members and the operational guidelines necessary to have a trademark license. As a result, even though each BCBSA firm operates in its assigned service region, it can provide nationwide insurance coverage.

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