Online Education Write For Us

Online Education Write For Us

Online Education Write For Us

We welcome post contributions to You can get involved if you’re interested in actively contributing towards online education promotion. Here are the post specifications that will clearly understand the types of articles we accept and how our editorial process works.

Post specifications and conditions are open to serve the online education community and everyone interested in this type of education.

The content is driven exclusively by the interests of our members. We are happy to accept posts of any format from qualified individuals as long as a proposal precedes it.

Being committed to discussing online education, a transformation of traditional into online institutions and other forms of non-traditional learning, we are open to any piece looking at some aspect of this concept. It may come in the form of a research article, opinion piece, your point of view, a severe anecdote, humorous list, sketch or anything else you feel is appropriate. We can accommodate most forms of rich media.

Submission Guidelines

Make your submission at:

Please note once you have uploaded your submission, www.techinfoday has the right of first refusal. Offer does not guarantee inclusion in For more information, please read the “ACM Policy on Authorship, Peer Review, Readership, and Conference Publication.”

Submission Criteria

The submission should be an article, opinion, interview, or review.

Depending on the submission type, it must be contextualized to help the audience understand the issue and implications or what has previously been written, researched and published on the topic and how it builds upon that work.

The submission should provide different or opposing perspectives on an issue; present all sides of the argument in depth.

Submissions should help the audience understand what is new, essential, and the take-home message.

Submission Format

Submissions should be uploaded as a Word document.

Your submission must include a suggested headline or title, which is subject to change, and an abstract that briefly summarizes the proposal.

The following items are optional:

Images: We encourage authors to include images as part of the submission. Once the request has remained accepted, you must send high-resolution images separately as .jpg, .tif, or .gif files. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use images and other material from outside sources before submitting your submission.

Citations: If you include references, they must be formatted by ACM’s Citation Style and Reference Formats.

Further Reading: You may include links to resources and additional reading.

Submission Details

Introduction: Begin with the most exciting idea. The reader wants to learn something new; ideally, your submission adds an original idea to the field. You do not need to reiterate obvious or commonly accepted practices.

Style: Please write straightforwardly and avoid academic jargon. Use sub-headings to indicate new sections and break up the flow of text.

Suggested Length (not including references):

Articles: up to 3,000 words.

Opinion pieces: 500-800 words.

Interviews: 750-1,200 words.

Reviews: 750-1,200 words.

Readers: Our readership includes instructional designers, educators, corporate trainers, and managers. Please assume our readers know elearning is a growing and exciting field.

Copyright: ACM retains ownership of published material. Please refer to the ACM Copyright Policy for more information.

Editorial Process

All contributed articles will remain edited according to eLearn Magazine’s editorial process:

If the submission is within the scope of the Magazine, it will remain considered for review.

The submission will then remain reviewed.

The possible outcomes are: reject, revise and resubmit, accept, and accept with minor or major revisions.

If the author remains asked to revise the submission based on editors’ suggestions, a new deadline will remain established.

When the author submits the revision, the editors will review it, edit it, and assign a tentative publication date.

Authors are required to sign a copyright release form. Details of the copyright agreement are available upon request.

Editorial Contact Information

If you have any questions about writing for eLearn Magazine, please get in touch with the co-Editors-in-Chief at

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