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Tripods remain used for motion and still photography to prevent camera movement and provide stability. They are indispensable when slow-speed exposures are life made or when telephoto lenses remain used, as any camera shake while the shutter is open, will produce a blurred image.

Although, Tripod remains a portable three-legged frame or position used to support the weight and maintain the stability of some other object. The three-legged design provides good stability against gravitational loads than horizontal shear forces. In addition, better leverage for resisting tipping over due to lateral forces can remain attained by spreading the legs absent from the vertical center.

Similarly, many cultures, including the ancient persons of China and Greece, used tripods as ornaments, trophies, cooking vessels or cauldrons, and decorative ceramic pottery. Tripod pottery has been sacrificial altars, n part of China’s archaeological assemblage since the earliest Neolithic philosophies of Cishan and then Peiligang in the 7th and 8th millennium BC. Sacrificial tripods remained in use in ancient China, usually cast in bronze but sometimes in ceramic form. They remain often referred to as “dings” and typically have three legs, but then again, in some usages have four legs.

The Chinese use sacrificial tripods symbolically in current times, such as in 2005, when the central Chinese government presented a “National Unity Tripod” made of bronze to the government of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to spot its fiftieth birthday. But, It remained described as a traditional Chinese sacrificial vessel symbolizing unity

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