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SEO Guide For Blockchain Projects

SEO Guide For Blockchain Projects (

SEO Guide For Blockchain Projects

Over the last few years, the blockchain industry has witnessed a significant growth rate. SEO further helps your website to rank organically without any additional expenditure. A strong SEO strategy by a blockchain PR agency for your blockchain-related website can bring in huge traffic, drive-in sales, new clients, and referrals to your site.

SEO is a must to attain the best possible reach. While you kick-start your crypto venture, search engine optimizations play a very crucial role as it’s the foundation of digital marketing. Plus, it’s effective, impressive, and cost-effective all at the same time. Now let’s dive into the topic and get a deep insight into SEO’s work.

What Is SEO For Blockchain?

In layman’s language, driving all the traffic to your website from searches regarding blockchain or similar terms is known as SEO. It optimizes your presence over the internet to drive traffic. Blockchain SEO incorporates conventional SEO strategies. It also considers specialized keywords to reach out to the blockchain community.

As the industry is growing aggressively, especially during the last two years, blockchain business owners are successfully growing their networks. Thanks to SEO! It allows the website to grow its visibility, traffic, and ranking organically. The money you’ll be putting into SEO development will be worth every penny in future. The ROI will exceed the investment amount in SEO.

Why Is SEO The Need Of The Hour?

The most affordable option you could think of for driving traffic to your website is search engine optimization. With the constant development of technology, marketing has become easier than before. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Having an effective SEO plan in place will help enhance transparency and trust among the blockchain audience. Yet another reason why SEO is the need of the hour is the fact that they have been misunderstood for a very long time. People have been conducting fraudulent activities under the name of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Having a strong SEO will help mend the name.

Organically sourced traffic will bring authentic leads to your site. Further, it’ll add to the profitability of your business by enhancing generated revenue.

On-page SEO Factors

The on-page blockchain optimization deals with several aspects of the site, such as appearance, user interface, and content. Mentioned below are several essential SEO factors that every blockchain business owner should pay attention to.

1.  Meta Descriptions

Meta tags or Meta descriptions play a major role in deciding Google’s algorithm. This is because it gives an in-depth understanding of your site’s motive. When anything is searched related to your content, and it flashes before the eyes of the audience, the first thing they’ll read is the tiny Meta description under the page title.

The two or three-lined content must be engaging, short, and concise. Above all, the content should create curiosity in the reader’s mind to read the full article. Keep it under 160 characters, as Google eliminates everything that exceeds the limit.

2.  Loading Speed

The page’s loading speed falls under the poor functionality of the overall bad structure of the site. In the current world scenario, everybody wants everything at their fingertips within seconds. And with the advancement in technology, it’s fair to expect that.

If your site doesn’t load within a minute, the visitors will leave your site immediately. And that’ll be a bad sign that Google will acknowledge immediately. You will be penalized separately for this. To avoid this mess, opt for a professionally and carefully developed website. Plus, you can eliminate all the unwanted elements and files to make the site lighter.

Yet another factor that contributes to slow loading is uncompressed images. Since they’re huge, it takes time to load. In case there are a number of such pictures on your website, you know the underlying problem that’s causing slow page loading.

3.  Content Optimization

Although good content must be informative and readable, it requires much more to grab the reader’s attention. Apart from humans, SEO bots should also find the content readable. Paying attention to such minute details will bring in new readers to the site and engage them with relevant and good-quality content.

Regardless of the high quality of your content, it will be useless if it doesn’t reach the target audience. In this competitive blockchain technology industry, getting ranking and visibility is daunting.

4.  Visual Elements

All the SEO parameters are directed at ranking pages to deliver a user experience worth every second. When the reader is exposed to a really long piece of content, it’ll appear really dull and monotonous.

To add charm to your high-quality content, throw in some engaging pictures that support your content. Besides keeping the audience hooked to your content, it also increases the user’s time on your website. It’s a fact that 94% of people are inclined to open up and read content that comes with pictures. Plus, adding videos and other infographics will also get the job done.

5.  Adding Links

It’s advised to use both external and internal linking to boost the SEO ranking of your website. In the case of external links, add the links to websites that are highly relevant to the content. This will recommend to Google that your research source is quite legitimate. Although it doesn’t make a big difference, it’ll push you towards the top.

On the other hand, internal links prove to be quite powerful. Crawlers use such links to familiarize themselves with your website. They are the corridors that help bots to get a better understanding of your website. Whenever any high-domain authority links your page to their site, Google will identify that and consider it your site’s authenticity proof.


If you underestimate the power of SEO today, you’ll regret it big time in the future. Planning and establishing a strong SEO tactic for your blockchain business will reap good returns through more sales.

Content publishing, optimization, and keyword search, along with other important factors, will contribute to establishing a good rank of your website in the SERP. SEO will allow you to compete with opponents from the same industry confidently. For further advice, you can seek help from the experts and professionals of SEO.


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