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7 Best Windows Snipping Tool Alternatives


It doesn’t matter how easy you can save a particular file or download it on your PC, taking screenshots becomes a necessity in between the whole process. Screenshots are so helpful in snapping a particular portion of a webpage or they can even be used as a proof to use. Now we know that Windows already provides us a default tool to take screenshots called Snipping Tool but it has very basic features, to be precise.

Moreover, Windows Snipping Tool looks a bit outdated for those who wish to seek editing features within the tool with strong efficiency and integrated sharing features. But here we are with amazing Windows Snipping Tool alternatives so that you can enjoy numerous other features which were missing previously.

Alternate Of Windows Snipping Tool

  1. Tweakshot

One of the best screen recording software, Tweakshot is a reliable software to replace Snipping Tool. It can be called the fastest way to capture your screen, edit images, and get the presentation ready instantly. You are free to take a screenshot of an active window, full screen or any specific rectangular area which is required at the moment. With that, you can crop the screenshots later, highlight and resize them as per your wish. Moreover, it also captures the scrolling window, has a color picker and gives smart smart area selection method.You can read more about this software on top10pcsoftware

  1. Snagit

One of the most user friendly tools with professional features, Snagit is an amazing snipping tool alternative. Interestingly, it not only allows you to capture still pictures but also videos. Once done, you can edit the screenshots, organize them in your own way and share them with others. So whether you have a college assignment or an office presentation, this snipping tool replacement is certainly a quick and easy method.

  1. LightShot

A favorite of many users around the world, LightShot another alternative to Snipping Tool and yes, it’s free to use. From installation to use, it just smooth like water. Having a simple interface, it also has good editing capabilities, single-click uploading and similar image search features. Moreover, this automatically starts working as soon as you press Prt+Scrn but you can set up another hotkey as well. Later you can customize the output options in order to find what you are comfortable with.

  1. PicPick

PicPick is a cool and breezy screen capture tool which successfully acts as an alternative to Snipping Tool. Whenever you have a beautiful picture whose screenshot needs to be taken, you just need to open the tool and select the kind of screenshot required from full screen, active window, scrolling window, freehand, region, etc. Interestingly, you can find color picker, color palette, magnifier, rule and protractor for perfect editing. Moreover, PicPack even lets you export screenshots in different formats like PDF and image files.

  1. Greenshot

Another one of the best Windows Snipping Tool alternatives, Greenshot an absolutely free tool for Windows users. It is also very light on your resources with features like taking screenshots of selected regions, windows or full screen. It even provides you with an option for capturing scrolling web pages from Internet Explorer. Once the screenshot taken, you can easily annotate or highlight different parts of the screenshot and customize them as and how you want to use them. Export these screenshots in various ways like sending it for printing, copy to clipboard, save a file, attach to the email or even upload the photo to websites like Flick or Picasa.

  1. DuckCapture

This fully fledged screenshot capture tool one in enough as it gives almost all the features that you are looking for in a Windows Snipping Tool alternative. It is flexible and free and even lightweight on the resources. Offering four different types of screenshots feature, you can easily capture a specific region, window, scrolling window and even full screen. Thanks to the configuration options, automatic naming conventions and hotkeys adjustments are in your control. Moreover, auto-updates and auto-run on Windows startup also available with this tool. However, you may call it a little laggard when it comes to editing features but when it comes to downloading a simple screenshot tool, this tool is just perfectly fine.

  1. Screenpresso

Why would you miss such a great tool which also known as worth a thousand words. It allows you to capture screenshots and HD videos for whatever work you wish to do, including training work, collaborative design work, etc. The newest version absolutely lightweight and has an in-built image editor and image sharing options. Interestingly, it also available as an app on iPhone and iPad. With that, multilingual support and integrated sharing options are also available for best possible uses.


After reading all the Windows snipping tool alternatives, we are sure that you have already selected the best one for yourself. If you look for our recommendations, we highly recommend Tweakshot for its efficiency and collaboration and even additional features like color picker, scrolling windows capture and more. Which is the best one for you or which one did you like the most and what’s the reason behind it? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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