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The reality of 5G in the US

It’s no secret that 5G adoption in the US has been slower than expected. However, China and South Korea have achieved major 5G milestones ahead of the US. According to a Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Council report, “China is on track to repeat in 5G what happened to the United States in 4G”.

So why is 5G important?

The race to 5G has dominated news headlines for several years, especially in the technology and wireless industries. It is no surprise, given that GSMA research estimates that 5G will contribute $565 billion to the global economy by 2034. However, the slow materialization of 5G has given rise to the mass media’s dismissive rhetoric about the technology being sensationalized and exaggerated.

The reality is that access to 5G will not dramatically change the daily lives of most Americans. The fastest 5G networks will be limited to large metropolitan areas due to the density of infrastructure that 5G networks require. Instead, its significance lies in its ability to unlock a new era of faster connectivity and lower latency that will impact many industries, change how business remains done, and ultimately make the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality.

A fully functional 5G network is estimated to be at least 10x faster than an LTE network, and many experts even put the figure at 100x quicker. This level of connectivity is necessary to make self-driving cars and robot factories a reality.

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