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Zoom was originally founded in 2011. On August 21, 2012, Zoom released a beta version to hold conferences with up to 15 video participants. On Jan25, 2013, version 1.0 of the program released with an increase in the number of participants per conference to 25 at the end. Zoom had 400,000 users in the first month and 1 million in May 2013. After the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Zoom had gained 2.22 million users in 2020 by February 2020; More users accrued for 2019, and the company’s share price jumped 35 percent. One day in Mar 2020, the Zoom app downloaded 2.13 million times. As of April 2020, Zoom had more than 300 million meeting attendees daily. On August 24, 2020, Zoom experienced widespread outages for several hours before service restored. Its headquarters are in San José, California. Zoom also has offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia


Zoom is compatible with Windows, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux macOS, iOS. It known for its simple user border and ease of use, regardless of technological know-how. Features include individual calling, group video conferencing, screen sharing, plug-ins, browser extensions, and the ability to record and transcribe meetings automatically. Some computers and operating systems allow users to choose a virtual background that can be downloaded from various websites and used as a background for themselves.

The use of the platform is free for video conferences with up to 100 participants at the same time. If there are more than two participants, a 40-minute time limit applies.
For longer or larger meetings with more features, paid subscriptions are available that cost between $ 15 and $ 20 per month. Business conference features like Zoom Rooms are available for $ 50 to $ 100 per month. Up to 49 people can be viewed simultaneously on a desktop or laptop screen, up to 4 people per screen on iPhone and Android phones and tablets, and up to 16 people on an iPad per screen.
Zoom has several levels: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.
Members do not need to download the application when using Google Chrome or Firefox. You can click on a link and log in with your browser. Zoom is not compatible with Safari for Mac. Users must download the software on Android and iOS tablets and mobile phones.


Zoom’s security features include password-protected meetings, user authentication, waiting rooms, locked meetings, disabling screen sharing for attendees, randomly generated IDs, and the host’s ability to eliminate disruptive attendees. Beginning in June 2020, Zoom will offer end-to-end encryption for business and corporate users, with AES 256 GCM encryption enabled for all users. In October 2020, Zoom added end-to-end encoding for free and paid users. It is available on all platforms except the official Zoom web client.

software, Zoom offers a transcription service that allows companies to store and search Zoom meeting transcripts online, including separating and tagging different speakers.

From July 2020, Zoom Rooms and Zoom’s Phone were also available as hardware-as-a-service products. Zoom Phone will be available for national telephone service in 40 countries from August 2020. In January 2021, the company announced it had sold 1 million seats. For the Zoom Phone service. Zoom for Home, a home-use product category, became available in August 2020

In September 2020, Zoom added new convenience features to simplify the app for deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired people. New features include the ability to move through video windows in gallery view, pin video windows to highlight them; improved keyboard shortcuts; new tools to adjust the text size of subtitles; and Sign Language Interpreter windows can now sit next to the speaker

In October 2020, Zoomtopia, Zoom’s annual user and conference, the company unveiled OnZoom, a virtual events market with an integrated payment system where users can host and promote live events, free or paid. Plan events or series of events for up to 1,000 participants and sell tickets online. The company also publicized Zoom Apps, which integrates third-party applications ton used in the Zoom’s interface during meetings. The first apps of this type should be available from Slack, Salesforce, and Dropbox by the end of 2020. In October 2020, Zoom’s gave its users more security for their networks to upgrade end-to-end encryption. Of online meetings.

In March 2021, Zooms announced that it would sell its video conferencing technology as a white label product so that other companies could incorporate it into their products by calling Zooms, but without the corporate brand.


Zoom has been criticized for its corporate data sharing and privacy policies, as well the ability of video hosts to potentially invade the privacy of those who take part in its calls. There may also be issues with unauthorized monitoring of students and possible violations. Of student rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). According to the company, video services are FERPA compliant and only collect and store user data for technical support purposes.

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In July 2020, the International Constitutional Law Association and Alma Mater Europaea organized Zoom, the world’s first 24-hour event to include time zones.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, Zooms has been used by banks, schools, universities, and government agencies around the world, the UK Parliament, healthcare professionals for telemedicine, hair salons, and ceremonies such as birthday parties, funerals, and bars, and ceremonies. . . like bat mitzvah- Services. Zooms has partnered with Formula 1 to create a virtual club where fans can go behind the scenes and participate in virtual activities through Zoom’s, beginning with the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 19, 2020. A July article from 2020 published in the San Francisco Chronicle listings a new property trend in San Francisco and Oakland, where some offers include “zoom rooms” with funds for zooms calls. People complained of “zooms fatigue” (too many video calls) before having their “zooms happy hour” (social gathering online with friends or colleagues).

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