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Top Social Media Platforms to Help Increase Brand Awareness

Top Social Media Platforms to Help Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is indeed a powerful tool in growing a business. You could use it to create an online identity that your audience will love and rely on when they need you. One reason why brands keep on moving online is because of brand awareness. When you are updated and active on social media, there is a higher chance that your business will be visible to more and more people.

What is social media marketing and its importance?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a strategy that uses social media platforms and networks to market and advertise products or services. This type of marketing is a flexible and convenient way of reaching old and new customers while giving them the chance to promote their mission and culture. SMM is vital in business, especially today that everyone keeps on interacting digitally.

What if you’re not social media savvy?

If you are interested and want to give SMM a shot but don’t have the ability and skills to do it, there’s one effective way to do it. You can hire a digital marketing agency to do the whole process for you. Digital marketing agencies are fully equipped to bring you the results you need. If you want, you can compare online marketing firms before deciding.

Top Social Media Platforms to Increase Brand Awareness

These are the popular social media platforms that could pave the way for increased brand awareness.


Facebook is the most popular and has the most active users among all the social media platforms. There could be no doubt because its interface is simpler and easier to learn than other platforms. With this as an advantage, you might want to take this opportunity to start reaching.


Pinterest is an image-sharing platform where people get to see tons of visual content. Almost all types of content are present on Pinterest, and you can find it through what people call pins. Pinterest is a potential platform where conversions are really high because of the direct sourcing it promotes.


Twitter is another cost-effective way to interact and engage with your potential customers worldwide. It is also a helpful platform where you can see the trending topics that you could use for your marketing purposes.


Instagram is a photo-sharing platform where you can gain users’ insights. All you need to have is the right marketing strategy to promote your products and services, boost your engagement, and increase brand awareness.


Youtube is a video-sharing platform that is really perfect for today’s generation. Videos are an engaging tool to use, and you might want to take advantage of it by starting a YouTube channel. You could also earn on this platform once your channel meets the required watching hours and subscribers. To accomplish that, each video should be transcripted. This will make it easier for others to find your videos when searching for a specific term. Using software can save you a lot of time when converting a YouTube video to text.


Tiktok is a platform where you can unleash the full creativity of your brand. Videos on this platform are concise, which won’t be a hassle to create. Likewise, there are billions of users here that would help you increase brand awareness.


With many social media platforms you could access today, it is essential to filter those that could give true potential to your business cards. It would be a waste of time and effort if you’d try to cover and attend all the platforms laid in front of you. Instead, you might want to target the one with the most active users since your goal is to increase brand awareness.

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