The Best Grilling and BBQ Gadgets

The Best Grilling and BBQ Gadgets

The Best Grilling and BBQ Gadgets
There is nothing better than a barbecue: a cool drink, the smell of the grill and the quiet chirping of the crickets ensure a healthy dose of summer magic. But it’s not always that idyllic. Hot drinks, unlit coals, and overcooked meat can ruin the party.

Luckily, now you can find high tech answers to all of these problems by doing a little outdoor smart home magic. So before you start planning your menu, take a look at our favorite technology applications to enhance your BBQ experience this summer.


You can’t grill without a blaze, and if it’s traditional, use charcoal. But lighting charcoal with matches can be tricky, and no one likes the taste of lighter fluid. Fortunately, the Looftlighter is a portable wand that lights charcoal, briquettes, wood, or just about anything else that needs to be grilled in overheated air in 60 seconds. You’ll need an electrical outlet to use it, but the Looftlighter has a 2.50m cord to give you some flexibility. It also built-in bottle cap opener and is great for lighting a fireplace in colder climates.


There is no worse barbecue mistake than lighting up burgers and dogs. Fortuitously, you can avoid this scenario with the help of the Meater +. This completely wireless meat thermometer sends warnings to your phone when your food is ready. It is similar to the iGrill Mini, but it is completely wireless.

Traeger Timberline 1300

For a wood fire grill, check out the Traeger Timberline 1300. The Timberline uses wood pellets and a modulating fan to deliver fantastic grilled and smoked dishes. It also has Wi-Fi which lets you to control cookery temperatures, set timers and access a huge database of recipes from anywhere. Not cheap at $ 2,000, but worth every penny for barbecue enthusiasts.


Grilling or not, one of the worst aspects of cooking is cleanliness. Fortunately, there is a robot that can do the job for you. The Grillbot is mostly a Roomba for your grill. Just put it on a dirty grill, turn it on and it will automatically start working. It has three electric motors that drive its wire brushes and propel it over its grill. A chip inside controls the drive, speed and way of the brushes. You don’t even have to stay till the job is done – the Grillbot will sound an alarm to let you know it’s done.

Anova Precision Cooker

If you want it to really fancy, you can sous vide your meat and veggies before grilling. The Anova precision cooker is our preferred immersion thermostat. It heats the water to an exact temperature and keeps it there so you can cook a steak to perfection before grilling. This will help ensure accuracy and reduce the time you spend grilling instead of chatting.

Weber iGrill Mini

One of the hardest parts of grilling is knowing when a piece of meat is ready. The best way to certain is to check the temperature, but there’s nothing worse than doing something a few minutes late. With a smart thermometer like the Weber iGrill Mini, you don’t have to worry about that. Use a wired probe to measure the temperature of a piece of meat as it cooks. You don’t even have to stay around the whole time to see the numbers go up as it connects to an app on your phone to let you know something has reached the temperature you want when you get up to 50 Meters away.

Traeger Ironwood 650

If $ 2,000 is out of budget, we also like Traeger’s Ironwood 650 grill for $ 1,199.99. It doesn’t have all the features of his older brother, but it’s cheaper but still offers good food, connects to his phone, and lets you grill, grill, and smoke like a professional Pitmaster.


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