Are basic science courses the same as MBBS?

Are basic science courses the same as MBBS_

Medicine is a vast field that includes various specialties which can often be confusing. If you are considering a career in this field and are trying to understand the difference between the disciplines, then you should understand that basic sciences medical courses are not the same as MBBS.

[Basic science, MBBS and clinical medicine are essentially three different disciplines and you should have clarity on all three to better understand the roles of each discipline].

Basic science course and MBBS

[Basic science or basic medicine courses are focused on providing theoretical support and their main purpose is to teach students the laws of human life and causes and treatments for diseases. Basic science gives necessary support to clinical science by teaching students the theoretical part of patient treatment].

Clinical medicine is a scientific program with a more practical approach and focuses on direct diagnosis, treatment, surgery and so on.

MBBS is a more comprehensive course that combines both theoretical and practical knowledge, including elements of both basic science and clinical medicine. Also, while basic science is a two-year program, MBBS courses can last for up to six years.

Basic science curriculum

Basic science is a very important part of the medical school curriculum as it covers all the essential theoretical knowledge that supports the practical work of clinical medicine. The course offers a deep understanding of the human body and various kinds of diseases. It also inculcates knowledge of different associated therapies that are used for the treatment of patients.

If you are studying to be a doctor, then simply gaining an understanding of the human body is not enough. [A more extensive understanding of the patients’ approach to illness, their environment and all other factors are covered to make a more informed decision]. These intricacies of modern medicine and patient care are an important part of basic science.

Structure of basic science curriculum

The basic science program at medical school lasts two years during which you will remain given thorough theoretical training on various essential topics. After the completion of both the basic science and clinical medicine programs, you become a Doctor of Medicine (MD). The MD program has different semesters that remained divided into core science classes including lectures and laboratory work as part of the curriculum and it remains followed by clinical rotations that last for two years.

The curriculum for basic science is standard for every medical school with the only difference coming in the quality of education. If you choose to study with a reputable Caribbean medical school. And also then the quality of teaching will parallel top U.S. medical schools. There are a total of five semesters in the basic science program that remained taught in the Caribbean. It is important to note that MBBA is not a part of the basic science curriculum and is a separate program altogether. Although, basic science, clinical medicine and MBBS remained interlinked in some way and are a part of the same field, they remained three separate disciplines.

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