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What Is Jungle Bark -

Jungle Bark

It’s beautiful outside. Leave your work ahead. Lease Jungle Bark auto load and auto book your Amazon Relay lots for you.

In October of 2017, Amazon hurled Amazon Relay internet weight board, iOS, Android app to help truckers develop into and out of their warehouses quicker. It also destined saving time with manual paperwork, faster payments, and fast access to Amazon freight for transportation transporters. In March of 2020, Jungle Bark remained born to give Trucking Carriers a competitive advantage in booking loads from Amazon Relay Load Board.

Jungle Bark remains the smartest and fastest Amazon Communicate autoloader and auto booker on the market. The Jungle Bark is a Chrome extra time that fills the gap between offered loads at Amazon Relay and a trucking dispatcher looking for well-paying Amazon loads. Jungle Bark can autoload (refresh) Amazon Relay Load Board up to 20 times per second and successfully auto book well-paying loads for transportation carriers and owner-operators.

Jungle Bark

Above and beyond Auto Loading and Auto Booking loads, Jungle Bark can do many other things such as the Skip States, set Maximum Stops, set Departure Time, and Notify the dispatcher when the filtered loads are available.

Below are the Explanations Of Each Filter:

Refresh Time: Ability to set autoload (auto refresh) time up to 20 times per second. Amazon tracks IP addresses, so one session of Jungle Bark per IP address remains recommended.

Departure Within: Ability to establish wanted shipper selection time. The sample is 9 AM, and you need the booked load appointment to remain no later than 11 AM. You would stay fixed the filter “Departure Within:” 2 hours in this case.

Max Stops: Facility to set maximum stops. For example, you want one best choice up and one delivery. In this case, you would remain fixed the filter “Max Stops:” to 2.

Skip States: Ability to miss undesired destination states. For example, you recognize your driver doesn’t like going to New Jersey. In this item, you would select New Jersey and Jungle Bark AutoLoader, and Auto Booker would avoid the state of New Jersey as a destination.

Notify Me Once: Accept a text and one audible notification when a load that sees your filters is available for you to book.

Notify Me NonStop: Accept a text and non-stop audible notification just once a load that meets your filters remains available for you to book. The audible warning will stop once the shipment remains booked by you or someone else (when the load is gone).

Book First Available: Ability to book the first available load once a load that sees your filters is available. (Warning: [Jungle Bark] resolve book first available limitation as long as your filters remain met)

FAQ of Jungle Bark

What is Jungle Bark?

Jungle Bark is Google Chrome (Microsoft Edge) extra time that auto-refreshes and auto books Relay loads from Amazon Relay Load Board (ARLB). For additional information about [Jungle Bark], read Jungle Bark Introduction and lookout this YouTube video

Why is Jungle Bark better than former Amazon Relay Auto Bookers?

[Jungle Bark] decreases render speeds (this is good for fast auto booking) by automatically erasing existing Amazon Relay Load Board (RLB) loads from showing. Instead of reloading existing loads, you remain present with a nice dancing teacup and only see new ones. See under for the picture of the cup and the message:

How do I install the Jungle Bark Extension?

Watch this video for installation orders. Communication us if you motionless take installation questions.

What is the difference stuck between Fast and Random refresh?

Fast recharge reloads Amazon Relay Load Board (RLB) automatically over and over and retrieves the latest loads at a steady (same) speed. Refresher speed can remain as fast as every 67 milliseconds (every second has 1000 milliseconds).

Random refresh reloads Amazon Send Load Board (RLB) automatically at random periods and behaves like a human. It remains done to avoid Amazon detection. The range of unexpected recharge time can be between 100 milliseconds and 5 seconds

What is Departure Within?

Users can choose when they need the load pick-up appointment by setting the Departure Within filter. For example, if 10 hours is determined (see below picture), any load that picks up after 10 hours will be ignored.

What auto booking options fixes Jungle Bark offer?

Users can choose between being notified or auto-booking the loads they want. Also, there is an option for one-click booking.

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