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Complete guide to a sales manager resume

Complete guide to a sales manager resume (1)

If you are ready to get into sales management, you should create a perfect resume highlighting your skills. It has taken you a long time to hone your skills, gain experience and find a job. So you must spend an ample amount of time drafting a proper resume.

Of course, you could find this exhausting and clueless. But don’t worry. Here is an essential guide to your Sales manager resume with additional tips and details. Your dream job is just a resume away.

Sales manager summary

A sales manager summary will include your brief statement about your career with added details of significant achievements or records. If you are an experienced person, you can opt for a summary. In case you are just starting, worry not. You can draft a career objective. This objective will talk about your skills and your goals.

Basic instructions for a sales manager resume

Important skills for a sales manager resume

There are several skills you could include in your resume when applying for a sales management position. It is always best to include hard and soft skills, which will help showcase your talent. If you are wondering what skills would best fit the job, you can read through the job description and understand what skills the company is looking for.

Some of the sales manager skills to include in your resume are

There is a better way to put out your skills section. It is essential to stay with the modern skills in the sales manager world. With one-liners of your skills, you could win more attention than mentioning mere terms. For instance, suppose you want to write you are good at negotiation. Instead of just typing that word, you can write a sentence like “Negotiated a 5-year deal with a sales uplift of xx%.” Similarly, if you want to write you are good at marketing strategies, you could write “created analytical dashboard to understand sales metrics and plan strategies.” Similarly, for the words “helped in customer reach,” you can write “developed marketing and promotional plans that increased new customer pipeline by yy%.”


It is an important section if you are just starting out and could prove valuable. You can include as much information as possible to detail the kind of courses you took and the certificates you received. However, this section does not have the most critical value if you are well-experienced. But that does not mean you can skip the section. Instead, you could cut down the focus on it. For example, you could limit it to just listing your degree name, GPA, and college name.


You can write your sales experience chronologically, with the recent work on the top. You could have one-line pointers that explain the work you did and your achievements. In terms of a sales manager resume, you must focus on the different stages of the sales cycle and write the experience section accordingly. You can highlight the achievement based on the role you are currently applying for.

Tips for a Sales manager resume

Wrapping Up

You can win the hiring manager’s attention for six seconds if you have a good resume Plus, if you have expertise and experience and have detailed it in the resume, you can also get the chance to move to the next round. Make sure you include all relevant details and experience for a sales manager’s resume and customize it based on the job description.

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