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Five reasons secure network connectivity is important for cybersecurity

Secure network connectivity is essential for cybersecurity Cybersecurity has become a buzzword on the internet. Regardless of the platform you are browsing, you are likely to come across the term cybersecurity. While it is an important word on the internet, few people understand the exact meaning of the term. What precisely is cybersecurity and why […]

Zoom App

Introduction Zoom was originally founded in 2011. On August 21, 2012, Zoom released a beta version to hold conferences with up to 15 video participants. On Jan25, 2013, version 1.0 of the program released with an increase in the number of participants per conference to 25 at the end. Zoom had 400,000 users in the […]

Difference Between Google Panda And Google Penguin

Introduction Difference Between Google Panda And Google Penguin Before understanding the difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin, you should have in mind that Google’s algorithm deviations 600 times a year. This is the minimum we are speaking about here. Sometimes the setting can be smaller and other times it can be massive. Penguin, Panda, […]

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